Breaking Free from Deceit and Manipulation: Reclaiming My Independence and Demanding Accountability

Breaking Free from Deceit and Manipulation: Reclaiming My Independence and Demanding Accountability

Life has a way of thrusting unimaginable challenges upon us, and today, I find myself at a critical juncture in my life. After enduring a tumultuous ten-year relationship, I am resolute in my decision to break free from the chains of deceit, manipulation, and control. This blog delves into the deeply personal and raw journey of navigating financial dependence, discovering betrayal, and reclaiming my freedom with unwavering determination.

Recognizing the Unforgivable Truth:

Within the depths of this relationship, I have faced a heart-wrenching reality. My former partner, whom I trusted implicitly, has revealed himself to be a serial cheater, lying to me and engaging in deceitful behaviours for the entirety of our ten-year relationship. As if the physical and emotional damage hasn't been enough, but he has also displayed a complete disregard for consent, dismissing my concerns by claiming that his actions were typical of all men. However, through my own education and personal growth, I have come to realize that none of his behaviour is normal or acceptable. I have come to realise that I have never experienced genuine love from a man in my entire life, and it's become painfully clear that his actions are a reflection of his own deeply rooted issues. Now, I am faced with the difficult decision of how to proceed with reclaiming my independence, as he fails to recognize the gravity of his actions or the consequences that await him in his addiction recovery journey.

Struggling with Financial Dependence and Neglect:

Throughout our time together, I relied on my inheritance to support both my former partner and myself. However, when my sister's twins, who were unexpectedly born, were placed in my care, he callously abandoned me without any support. This abandonment mirrored his previous actions when I broke my leg in Costa Rica, as he provided no financial assistance during that challenging time. It has become painfully clear that his promises to care for me were empty words, leaving me trapped in a cycle of financial dependence and neglect.

Unmasking the Deception:

Behind closed doors, my former partner skillfully masked his true nature, presenting himself as a model citizen in public. However, beneath this façade lies a man deeply entrenched in addiction and deceit. I discovered that he has been compulsively collecting explicit photographs, obsessively lying to women about his age and his authentic life, and following over a thousand explicit accounts on Instagram. The weight of his actions and the betrayal I feel are indescribable.

Seeking Accountability and Demanding Change:

Enough is enough. The time has come for me to confront him, forcing him to face the consequences of his actions. I am determined to make him understand the severity of the situation and the urgent need for him to seek treatment for his addiction. If he fails to do so, I am prepared to take the necessary steps to ensure he is held accountable, even if it means involving the legal system. I refuse to remain trapped in this toxic situation any longer.

Reclaiming My Freedom:

Reclaiming my independence and breaking free from this web of deceit and manipulation has become my ultimate goal. I am actively seeking support from trusted friends, family members, and professionals who can guide me through this challenging journey. Their unwavering support will provide the strength and encouragement I need to rebuild my life and create a safe and healthy environment for myself and those I care for.

Standing at the precipice of reclaiming my freedom and demanding accountability, I acknowledge the arduous path that lies ahead. By confronting the painful truth, addressing the financial dependence that has bound me, and seeking unwavering support, I am taking the necessary steps to break free from the suffocating grip of deceit and manipulation. Through resilience, determination, and the support of my loved ones, I am committed to forging a new path—one that leads to freedom, healing, and a brighter future for myself and those affected by this turmoil.


Forever grateful for my recent education on simple women's rights, I am determined to end this nightmare and stop being told I am "squatting" in the house that I made home with my emotional, financial and physical labour. - by myself. After spending the past two years reaching out to the few remaining family members in desperation for their help and getting nothing in return, and tirelessly losing myself to save him, I am releasing myself from this emotional torture and speaking my truth. It's time to reclaim my life.

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