Embracing Equality in Traditional Relationships: Rockin' the Happy Days Way!

Embracing Equality in Traditional Relationships: Rockin' the Happy Days Way!

I come from a long line of strong Slack women, rooted in the oil discovery of Lambton County. Growing up in a baseball family, where girls weren't allowed to play, I witnessed the resilience and strength of my ancestors. Even though I was born in 1980 and times were different, I still felt the impact of societal expectations. My grandmother, my angel, was an extraordinary woman who exuded happiness, care, and nurture. She was the heart and soul of our family, always there with a radiant smile and a nurturing spirit. Despite never being in the spotlight, she played an integral role in our community, earning the respect and admiration of everyone who knew her. While my Papa took on a more visible role, my nanny worked tirelessly behind the scenes, juggling her responsibilities as a dedicated employee at Uptown News Variety Store, with us three girls in tow quite often, while Papa pursued his passion for sports, fundraising and philanthropy. Nanny was well known for knitting mittens for the homeless folks that came to see her for some of her homemade treats. It was her hard work and dedication that allowed them to purchase their one and only home, while Papa retired early to pursue his community passions with sports. Though she never sought recognition, she quietly encouraged Papa to take the lead, supporting him every step of the way. My aunts followed in her footsteps, breaking systemic cycles without drawing attention to themselves, most likely always having secret shrivelled tissue in their pockets like Nanny too. They have shown incredible strength and resilience, and I make sure they know how much I respect and admire them. I am proud to come from a family that has been guided by the angelic presence of my Nanny, who quietly defied expectations and made a positive impact on her own terms. Now, as I find my own voice and realize the platform I have, I feel compelled to honour my family's legacy. I've seen the loyalty and care exhibited by the women in my family toward their partners, and I want to continue that tradition. So, as a proud Lambton girl, I am determined to carry forward the strength, resilience, and commitment of my ancestors, shaping my own path along the way. I am proud to have inherited my family's loyalty in this day and age and it is important to carry on our age-old methods to help improve our community as a hybrid for the future generations. Love always wins. We don’t abandon our families. Sometimes we just love them with boundaries.

Setting Boundaries: Your Rockin' Rhythm:

Just like the music of the happy days, you have your own rhythm in the dance of life. It's time to define your boundaries and communicate them with your partner. From personal space to decision-making, let's find the perfect melody that respects your individuality within your traditional relationship.

Communication: Singing from the Heart:

In the spirit of the Beatles, let your voice be heard! Open up those lines of communication and express your desires and dreams. It's a duet, so make sure your partner is singing along. When you communicate honestly and authentically, the harmony in your relationship will be music to your ears.

Shaking Off Gender Stereotypes: Strut Your Own Style:

Just like the Happy Days challenged norms, it's your turn to shake off those gender stereotypes too. Embrace the idea that both partners can take the lead and express themselves freely. Let's celebrate individuality and create a dance that's true to who you both are, just like the Beatles did with their unique style.

Celebrating Your Choices: Dancing to Your Own Tune:

In this modern world, relationships come in all shapes and sizes, just like the songs of the happy days. Marriage may not be your chosen melody, and that's perfectly fine! Let's celebrate the freedom to dance to your own tune. Whether it's common-law partnerships or another arrangement, it's all about finding the rhythm that resonates with you and your partner.

Join the Dance Revolution: Sign the Petition!

Let's join together and create a movement for change. Sign the petition to support the recognition of common-law partnerships and celebrate diverse ways of committing to each other. Let's ensure that love and commitment are acknowledged, regardless of the legal paperwork involved. Sign up, and let's rock this revolution!

Local Support Group: Rockin' Together!

If you're ready to groove to your own beat and want to connect with others on this journey, we've got a free (no stupid gimmicks) non-traditional "support group" on the way just for you. It's open to all because we believe everyone should have a place to share their stories and find education and support. Let's break cycles, support one another, and rock our way to empowerment! This will be based in Sarnia, Ontario, for our locals, and will have accessibility for all in other parts of the world.

Lambton County, and everyone else reading, it's time to channel the spirit of the Happy Days and embrace equality in your traditional relationships. Let's rock and roll our way through boundaries, communication, and celebrating individual choices. Sign that petition for recognition, join our local support group, and let's show the world that we're breaking the mould and taking one for the team. Together, we'll create a dance that's uniquely ours, full of empowerment, and the spirit of the happy days!

To sign the online petition, click this purple link anywhere on this line, to help raise awareness for our adult kids to protect themselves in untraditional domestic partnerships in the future, now that traditional marriage has changed from our day!

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