To My Fallen Partner: The Missing Dedication Page to My First Book

To My Fallen Partner: The Missing Dedication Page to My First Book

To My Fallen Partner;

In the depths of my pain and struggle, I found the strength to rise above the darkness that enveloped me. Inspired by the generations of women who had succumbed to the weight of abuse, I made a solemn promise to myself: I would be the one to break free from the chains that bound me.

Living under the same roof as you, my narcissistic partner, I discovered a profound outlet for my voice—the written word. Through my blog, I shared my experiences, offering solace and encouragement to women who, like me, yearned for liberation. It became a platform where I could empower others, reminding them of their inherent worth and strength.

To you, the unwitting inspiration behind this book, I have something to say. I hope that one day, you will come to understand the immeasurable value of a woman's spirit—the resilience, the compassion, and the limitless potential that resides within her. May you learn to respect and cherish women, not as mere possessions or objects of control, but as equal partners in life's journey.

Breaking free from the patterns of abuse that have haunted your family for generations is a daunting task. Yet, I believe in the power of love and empathy to heal wounds and shatter these chains. By embracing a new narrative, one that celebrates equality and mutual respect, you have the opportunity to rewrite the legacy of your family.

As I present you with this book, signed and imbued with the strength of my journey, I hope it serves as a testament to the transformation that is possible. May it be a reminder of the love and compassion that exist beneath the layers of pain and fear. And may it inspire you to embark on your own path of healing and growth.

Thank you for unwittingly becoming the catalyst for my metamorphosis. For every painful moment and every tear shed, I have found strength and purpose. Through my words, I will continue to empower women, breaking the chains that have held us captive for far too long.


Read the raw and unedited first 30,000 words of my memoir, eSCAPEGOAT - UNTOUCHED

In my powerful memoir,  eSCAPEGOAT, I will share my incredible journey of survival and triumph over a lifetime of trauma. From sexual assault and domestic violence to divorce, reproductive issues, and bearing witness to three murder trials, I have faced more than my fair share of challenges. 

 But my story doesn't end there. I found myself raising my sister's premature twin babies, which were a surprise to us,  with no support from my family because they have all passed away. 

 Through sheer determination and unwavering strength, I have embraced my role as a mother and found a renewed sense of purpose. My grandmother, who passed away on my birthday two years ago, remains my spirit guide, and her memory has helped me find the strength to overcome even the most difficult moments. 

"With poignancy and grace, eSCAPEGOAT is a testament to the human spirit and a powerful reminder that we are all capable of overcoming the greatest of challenges. This memoir is a must-read for anyone who has faced unimaginable adversity, and a source of inspiration for those who know what it means to persevere."



This book will be published when I obtain an agent for proper support.

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