Twin Flames: Consistent Scapegoats Unveiling Corruption, Seeking Justice, and the Lifelong Struggles

Twin Flames: Consistent Scapegoats Unveiling Corruption, Seeking Justice, and the Lifelong Struggles

Twin flames, a spiritual concept representing a profound connection between two souls, often face lifelong struggles that are overlooked and marginalized. This blog aims to shed light on the challenges faced by twin flames, their encounters with corruption within the system, and the lack of resources available to support their healing journey. Through personal experiences, we demand justice, share stories, and advocate for change.

Betrayed by the Sarnia Police:

The Sarnia Police Station stands as a haunting symbol of betrayal and abandonment. When I reported the assault inflicted by my stepfather, the police showed indifference and apathy, focusing on trivial details instead of addressing the violence I endured. Their response left me with shame and confusion, wrongly believing I had done something wrong.

Accepting Unacceptable Behavior:

Tragically, society conditioned me to accept the presence of my abusive stepfather in my life despite his reprehensible actions. This normalization of unexplainable sexual behavior perpetuates a cycle of trauma, making it challenging for twin flames to seek justice and find healing. The shared experiences of abuse and conditioned acceptance further compound the struggles faced by twin flames.

Current Struggles and the Lack of Resources:

As I seek help and resources to confront and address the abusive behavior of my partner, I find myself facing ongoing struggles triggered by past trauma with the Sarnia Police. Unfortunately, the system fails to provide adequate support, leaving me unable to find closure and seek justice.

Witnessing Corruption, Betrayal, and the Struggle for Justice:

I recount an incident where an officer referred to my sister as Stormy Daniels, invoking the name of a porn star. This dehumanizing act raises questions about the officer's integrity and motivations. Moreover, my sister's struggles with addiction and mental health have been exacerbated by a lack of resources and support. Witnessing the impact of corruption on twin flames and their loved ones is not only heartbreaking but also infuriating.

The Officer's Betrayal:

In a shocking turn of events, it has come to light that the same officer who referred to my sister as Stormy Daniels was involved in a sexual relationship with someone I know. This person later experienced paranoia, believing she was being spied on by the CIA, which led to psychosis. This revelation further highlights the officer's questionable ethics and adds to the mounting evidence of corruption within our system. This affair happened while he was investigating her roommate for drug charges.

Impact on Relationships and Healing:

The trauma endured inevitably affects relationships, including my current partnership with my abuser. While acknowledging my partner's own history of abuse, I recognize their role as my abuser despite our connection. Prioritizing my personal growth and commitment to my wellness journey has created discrepancies that lead to triggers and challenges within our relationship. It is essential for both of us to seek individual healing and support to foster a healthy environment.

Finding Hope in the Face of Adversity:

Despite the overwhelming challenges and corruption, my determination to find justice and support remains unwavering. This blog serves as an advocacy platform, demanding change for twin flames and survivors. By sharing our stories, demanding change, and seeking support, we can create a society where twin flames are no longer scapegoated.

Navigating Lifelong Struggles:

Recent encounters with the police have highlighted the lack of resources available to share our lifetime stories and seek closure. Reading articles about Donald Trump and witnessing his actions finally catching up to him reaffirms our belief in his wrongdoings. Additionally, the struggle to help my sister, who has experienced life on the streets, has exposed me to further corruption and degradation.

Navigating Lifelong Struggles and Unexpected Surprises:

In addition to the multitude of challenges faced as twin flame survivors, my partner and I experienced a shocking and unexpected surprise that further tested our resilience. After four years of no contact, we found ourselves in a state of shock and adjustment as we took on the responsibility of caring for my homeless sister's premature twin babies. This added layer of complexity intensified the already profound struggles we were navigating.

Combined Trauma:

Our journey has been marked by a series of traumatic events that have deeply impacted us. The weight of six deaths over the past five years has cast a shadow over our lives, leaving us grappling with grief and emotional turmoil. Moreover, my own broken leg, the international care I received, and the sole palliative care and dramatic death of my mother have added to the weight we carry. These traumatic experiences have shaped us and tested our resilience in ways we could never have anticipated. Included in those sudden deaths remains a murder that has been covered up as an overdose of a family friend. The officer in question above also has knowledge of this tragic case and evident proof.

Breaking Cycles:

Amidst the chaos and trauma, we made a conscious choice to break free from the systemic cycles that had plagued both our families. Taking on the kinship of my sister's premature twin babies was an opportunity to create a different narrative for the next generation. It required immense strength and dedication to overcome the patterns of neglect and abuse that had been deeply ingrained in our lives.


Through my upcoming memoir, eSCAPEGOAT, I invite you to join me on a journey written in real time, where I navigate the challenges and triumphs of being a twin flame survivor. Like the unfolding pages of my life, this memoir captures the rawness of my experiences without knowing the ending. Together, we will delve into the depths of healing, expose corruption, and advocate for justice. Stay tuned as my story unfolds, offering a testament to resilience and the power of embracing the unknown.

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