What Have I Got To Lose: A Collection Of Stories About My Journey

What Have I Got To Lose: A Collection Of Stories About My Journey

I HAVE LIVED A LIFE and I am still standing here to talk about it!

My dream has always been to write a book, but in my 42 years, I have experienced nothing but trauma after trauma, with a bunch of cool things in between, some very toxic relationships and lifestyles, and no time to write. I've always said that I will write that book once I have my happy ending. I studied hard at multiple universities online and also became a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language, which has helped pull the trigger on this project, now that my plans to move abroad have changed.

Being a teenage mother, I have experienced so many different things in life, and I have become somewhat of a know-it-all on each subject, - so I am told. I have done so much work on myself these past two years because of the peculiar form of perfectionism in my neurodivergent brain. I quickly can learn the gist of something in order to understand why. The question I have asked my entire life and have been shut up and shut down for it. That right there is the Achilles heel of my being, which I am forever unlearning. We should be asking why, as women. About EVERYTHING! Most importantly, find out the answers for yourself; not from anyone else. Educating yourself is the best thing you can ever do for yourself. Trust me.

I am fentanyl-free for over 11 years and was born and raised in Sarnia, Ontario. I developed an addiction to opiates after numerous surgeries on my reproductive organs in my early twenties; ending in a complete hysterectomy at 26. All male doctors. An awful divorce from my high school sweetheart, a bad phase of partying and addiction, overdosing, psychiatric vacations, waking up on life support - twice, owning a bipolar diagnosis for 15 years that was given to me by a family friend and not a doctor. I have been a scapegoat for many years; including some of my own family, which I have learned (through a lot of therapy) is the why part of... "do I choose the partners I do". Fast forward to testifying in three murder trials for my Aunt, over 11 years, losing my parents, going to treatment and tons of travelling and fun adventures.

After losing every single family member besides my adult children, I have been blessed by the angels with twin babies under my kinship, and even more, changes have been made in my life. After enough stories to fill a collection of encyclopedias, I have my happy ending!

In my blogs, I am telling it all! - The good, the bad, and the ugly!
These reads won't always be for the faint of heart, but with be filled with content that should inspire and ignite individuals from my demographic to join the forces of systemic change in the community, and globally! 

Come along the beginning stages of myself relearning how to write, and trying to make a living while raising these precious boys all on my own, while still slowly and effectively recovering from a long list of 'bullshit'. I have taken two years to build myself up to this and it is time to share my story to whoever would like to hear it.

**TW: Blogs will include topics of Sexual Assault, Abuse and Neglect, Narcissism vs. Empaths Recovery, Drug Use, Addiction Recovery, Making Use of Government Systems, Rehabilitation, System Corruption, Birth, Death, and Dying Stories, Women's Reproductive Health, Victim Services, and The Court System, Marriage and Divorce, you name it - I've been there, done that, and now I am writing the book.** If you are experiencing hardships from anything mentioned, please be careful reading my posts and reach out for some resources that can help you. I've got you!

Eventually, I will be carefully selecting a group of individuals for a completely free BETA workshop that I am creating to inspire others to be their best selves. 

Here are some of the topics I plan to cover in my free course:

Loving Your Mind and Body

Shopping & Preparing Healthy Meals (on a Budget)

Self Care 101 

Empaths Empowerment Workshops

Find Your Unique Higher Power

Get Outside


Abuse, Domestic Violence, and Sexual Assault Support and Recovery

Navigating the System & Advocacy

Journal and Vision Board

Get Creative

It Takes a Village - Single Parenting


Gender and the Economy

Dealing With The Legal System and Community Aid

WE DO RECOVER - finding your path to wellness from those "things" and resources to recovery. 


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