Bound by Flames: A Twin Flame's Journey Through Loss, Healing, and Hope

Bound by Flames: A Twin Flame's Journey Through Loss, Healing, and Hope

In the depths of time, your souls aligned,

Twin flames destined, a love defined.

A decade passed, etched in joys and tears,

Through losses endured, overcoming fears.

Hand in hand, you weathered the storms,

Bound by love, your hearts transformed.

In the crucible of strife, you grew,

Shedding toxic layers, embracing what's true.

But oh, he left, taking treasures untold,

Unaware of the bond, the worth he now holds.

With one foot out the door, and one foot in,

He won't let you go, nor let you win.

In this tangled dance, a painful strife,

Caught between longing and a fractured life.

But my dear, remember your strength, your might,

You're the one who held us, the pillar of light.

As he departs, carrying fragments of bliss,

Know that your worth persists, it's not amiss.

Release the chains that bind, find solace within,

Embrace your own journey, let healing begin.

For through the trials, you'll rise anew,

Resilient and fierce, with skies of blue.

Let go of what's gone, of what can't be,

And in the process, set your own self free.

Though paths may diverge, love remains,

A flame that burns, forever sustains.

In the depths of your heart, his place will reside,

A love that endures, transcending the tide.

So, my dear, hold him in your thoughts and prayers,

In the vast tapestry of life, let him be there.

Though paths may diverge, true love won't depart,

For you'll always cherish him deep in your heart.

Know that love's journey unfolds in mysterious ways,

And perhaps, someday, your paths will intertwine in grace.

In the meantime, let love guide you through,

For the love you have for him will always be true.

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