No More Slacking: Empowering the Underrepresented and Homeless - A Night of Action

No More Slacking: Empowering the Underrepresented and Homeless - A Night of Action

Dear Mr. Dennis and City Hall Representatives,

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to urgently seek your support and assistance in organizing a transformative event at Erroll Russell baseball park, affectionately known as Stan Slack Field. The event, titled "No More Slacking: Empowering the Underrepresented and Homeless - A Night of Action," aims to shed light on the pressing issues of homelessness and underrepresentation that plague our community.


My connection to Errol Russell baseball park runs deep, as it was here that my Papa, Stan Slack, raised me practically within its hallowed grounds. Despite being a girl, I was granted the privilege of participating in the events and experiences typically reserved for boys. Alongside us girls, my nanny, sister, and cousin, I witnessed the inner workings and behind-the-scenes efforts that brought joy to countless individuals. Sadly, the hardships faced by my sister [this part removed from public record for privacy] It is a reflection of the challenges faced by my own family, as our grandparents' passing has only exacerbated the fragility of our situation. This reality underscores the dire need to address the disintegration within our community promptly.


The "No More Slacking: Empowering the Underrepresented and Homeless - A Night of Action" event aims to bridge the divides that separate us and foster unity in support of positive change. We will not only showcase and sell artwork and creations from local underrepresented individuals, providing them with a platform to display their talents and generate support, but also host a comprehensive program designed to educate and raise awareness about homelessness and underrepresentation in our community.


On the evening of November 4, Stan Slack Field will serve as the backdrop for an awe-inspiring display of artwork and creations, highlighting the talents of our underrepresented community members. This will be followed by a program that empowers attendees with knowledge and awareness of the challenges faced by the homeless and underrepresented populations. To deepen understanding and foster unity, participants will have the opportunity to spend the night in the park, immersing themselves in the realities that many face on a daily basis. 


I kindly request a meeting to discuss this proposal further and explore ways in which City Hall can actively support and collaborate on this event. Your expertise and resources would greatly contribute to raising awareness and addressing these pressing issues. Mr. Dennis, I would particularly appreciate your guidance and assistance, given your extensive experience and connections within our community.


Furthermore, we seek permission to utilize the ball diamond at Slack Field as a platform for delivering a heartfelt speech during the event. Please rest assured that professional setup and takedown will be carried out with the utmost respect for the field and its surroundings. Additionally, we intend to collaborate with the Sarnia Brigade, allowing them to open their concession stand to raise funds and support their vital work.


Stan Slack is an exceptional space with ample opportunity for a secure overnight event, and we hope to have local establishments provide the vital basic essentials for participants, including local celebrities and leaders, who have vow to participate and raise awareness. I am hoping to have the support from the Sarnia Fire Department to supervise portable fire pits where there will be Conversation Circles and a Human Library setting for our participants to learn from, and share (if they choose) when they are allowed their cellphones for 15 minutes, every 4 hours. Closing ceremonies will end with a locally sponsored breakfast, feeding the community, with fellowship to follow. This is Sarnia's perfect location to bridge some gaps in our community.

November 5 will mark the anniversary of Marnie’s passing, and this is an important mission for my family. I hope to have your support so I can continue with this ideal plan for our community.


Thank you for your attention and consideration. I eagerly await your positive response as we work together to make a meaningful impact on our community.



Kristie Buckingham-Butler (she/her)
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