Rise Above

Rise Above

If you had allowed the flowing rhythm of my crafted verses,

To capture the essence of the struggles life imposes,

As your guide, I'd have embraced your pain and strife,

But instead, as your victim, I navigate this chaotic life.

If you had only accepted my outstretched hand,

As your saviour, I'd have helped you reclaim the sand,

With unwavering support, I would've been your guide,

But instead, as your victim, I'm left on the side.

You had the chance to rise above the fray,

With my guidance, you could've found a better way,

But stubborn pride kept you from taking my aid,

Now you're left adrift, lost in a perilous cascade.

I offered closure, a chance to heal the pain,

But you chose to reject it, hoping to regain,

Control over a life that's now spiralling down,

As your victim, I've moved on from your crown.

You're left alone, trapped in your own demise,

Without my presence, your world begins to capsize,

Regret may haunt you as you stumble in despair,

Remember, it was your choice to leave me in the air.

Now I stand tall, no longer held in your sway,

As the queen, I've found my strength, my own way,

It's time for the king to retire from his throne,

For I have risen, and I reign on my own.

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