Sarnia's Struggle: A Chilling Reflection of Our Reality

Sarnia's Struggle: A Chilling Reflection of Our Reality

In reflecting on my own journey, I am acutely aware of the fortunate path I have traversed, escaping the clutches of detrimental circumstances. As one of the fortunate 5%, I count my blessings for breaking free from the grips of addiction. Having intimately experienced the underbelly of this affliction, I am grateful that I managed to extricate myself before the emergence of this New Age drug.

Taking on the role of power of attorney for my sister and kinship of her twins, I have been immersed in the intricate branches of the system. Frustration consumed me, and like many others, I directed my ire towards City Hall, holding them solely responsible for an issue that runs far deeper, one that is systemic in nature. However, it is high time we, as a community, engage in open discussion and dispel the divisions that hinder progress. Together, we must explore avenues to extend a helping hand to these individuals.

The harsh reality we face is that not everyone will find their way to recovery, nor will they find a place to call home. Nevertheless, it remains our moral imperative to treat them with the dignity and respect deserving of every human being. Simultaneously, we must strive to maintain the safety of our streets, for we have children who deserve to grow up in a secure environment and businesses that form the lifeblood of our community.

It is time to shift our focus from laying blame to fostering compassion, from division to unity. Our collective responsibility lies in finding tangible solutions, implementing comprehensive support systems, and ensuring that everyone, regardless of their circumstances, is afforded the opportunity to live a life of dignity and purpose.

In this transformative journey, let us remember that change begins within ourselves, within the very fabric of our community. We owe it to one another to forge a path forward, where understanding, empathy, and action converge. Together, we can create a community where compassion reigns, where the vulnerable are uplifted, and where the streets are not only safe but also filled with hope and possibility.


In the quiet city of Sarnia, Ontario, beneath its picturesque facade, lies an unsettling truth. A crisis of homelessness and opioid addiction has enveloped the community, casting a shadow over the lives of its residents. As the situation worsens, Sarnia has become a haunting reflection of a dystopian world, evoking eerie similarities to an episode of "The Walking Dead." This thought-provoking piece delves into the heart of the issue, exploring the desperate plight of the city's most vulnerable, the failures of its institutions, and the unsettling question: are we witnessing a real-life zombie apocalypse?

The Struggle Unveiled:

Within the borders of Sarnia, a silent storm is brewing. The homeless roam the streets, their gaunt figures reminiscent of the undead. As the opioid and methamphetamine crisis’ deepens, lives are shattered, families are torn apart, and hope becomes an elusive dream. One cannot help but draw parallels between the fictional horrors of a zombie apocalypse and the grim reality faced by the residents of Sarnia.

A System on Life Support:

City Hall, a symbol of governance and protection, finds itself in the midst of controversy. Blame is laid at its doorstep for the inadequate response to the crisis. However, the truth lies deeper than mere administrative failings. The issue is systemic, stretching back years, with roots entangled in socio-economic disparities, mental health neglect, and a lack of comprehensive resources. The stomach issue that plagues Sarnia reflects a much larger ailment within our society.

A Glimpse of Hope:

Amidst the darkness, a flicker of hope emerges. There are tireless individuals and organizations working to make a difference. They fight to address the underlying causes, provide support, and uplift those trapped in the clutches of despair. Their efforts serve as a reminder that, despite the odds, humanity's resilience can prevail in the face of adversity.

Living the Nightmare:

The chilling reality of Sarnia forces us to confront our collective imagination. Are the stories we create about zombie apocalypses mere fantasies, or do they reveal a deeper truth about our world? As we witness the homeless, hunched and hollow-eyed, shuffling through the streets like the walking dead, it becomes apparent that our society is teetering on the edge. The fictional tales we weave may not be far off from the haunting reality we find ourselves in.


Sarnia's struggle with homelessness, addiction, and societal neglect is a stark reminder that the line between fiction and reality can blur. As we grapple with the zombie-like existence of the most vulnerable in our society, we must acknowledge the urgent need for change. It is a call to action, demanding that we confront the systemic issues that have brought us to this precipice. Only through unity, compassion, and a collective effort can we pull ourselves back from the brink and ensure a brighter, more compassionate future for all.

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I love your writing style. I am from Arkansas and we, too, have an epidemic in our hands. Fentenol (sp?) has just now started curling its decrepit hands around the throats of our youth. Our future. While not as full force here as it is in bigger cities, it’s not stopping anytime soon. I am 6 years clean off of Methamphetimines. By the grace of God, and my family I am here to tell MY truth and do what I can to help our future generation. Thank you for all you are doing up north! God bless you and your twins! They are perfect!

Holly Mccone

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