Trapped Yet Defiant

Trapped Yet Defiant

Every morning, I wake up to the same scene, the same walls that feel more like a prison than a home. This house, once a haven, has now become my cage, my narcissistic partner, the jailer. I'm stuck, isolated, cut off from everything that was once familiar and comforting. 

My partner's deceit and manipulation, fueled by his addictions, have created an environment of constant turmoil. He's abandoned me, leaving me to fend for myself in a world that often seems indifferent to my struggle. The weight of these circumstances often makes me feel defeated, like I'm fighting a losing battle.

But there's a fire in me, a burning defiance that refuses to be extinguished. I am angry, yes, but it's an anger that fuels my determination, not one that consumes me. This anger, this sense of injustice, has awakened a resolve within me to change my situation, to break free from this prison.

The challenges are not confined to my personal life. I'm also facing an unexpected kinship, a responsibility I never anticipated, with no resources or support to lean on. It's a heavy load, one that adds to the feeling of defeat, but it's also a burden I carry with a sense of purpose and resolve.

Outside my personal sphere, our community of Sarnia, Ontario is grappling with a homeless crisis, a drug addiction epidemic, and a surge in domestic violence. The resources meant to support us are drowning under the pressure, leaving us feeling unheard and unsupported.

Moreover, the shadow of corruption within the police system and the lingering trauma of my aunt Barbara Short's murder trials further intensify the feeling of being trapped. Trust in the system has eroded, leaving many of us feeling unsafe and unprotected.

Yet, amid all these challenges, I refuse to let my circumstances define me. I'm not just a survivor, I'm a fucking warrior, a fighter, a woman fueled by a burning desire to rise above the turbulence.

I am angry, I am defeated, but most importantly, I am ready. Ready to fight back, ready to reclaim my life, ready to break free from this prison. The journey won't be easy, and the battles will be many, but I am determined. Because I am not defined by my circumstances, but by the strength of my resolve and the courage of my spirit.


Read the raw and unedited first 30,000 words of my memoir, eSCAPEGOAT - UNTOUCHED

In my powerful memoir,  eSCAPEGOAT, I will share my incredible journey of survival and triumph over a lifetime of trauma. From sexual assault and domestic violence to divorce, reproductive issues, and bearing witness to three murder trials, I have faced more than my fair share of challenges. 

 But my story doesn't end there. I found myself raising my sister's premature twin babies, which were a surprise to us,  with no support from my family because they have all passed away. 

 Through sheer determination and unwavering strength, I have embraced my role as a mother and found a renewed sense of purpose. My grandmother, who passed away on my birthday two years ago, remains my spirit guide, and her memory has helped me find the strength to overcome even the most difficult moments. 

"With poignancy and grace, eSCAPEGOAT is a testament to the human spirit and a powerful reminder that we are all capable of overcoming the greatest of challenges. This memoir is a must-read for anyone who has faced unimaginable adversity, and a source of inspiration for those who know what it means to persevere."



This book will be published when I obtain an agent for proper support.

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