Urgent Call For Marilyn Gladu and Deputy Chief Julie Craddock to Advocate For Basic Human Rights in Our Community

Urgent Call For Marilyn Gladu and Deputy Chief Julie Craddock to Advocate For Basic Human Rights in Our Community

In my journey, I have reached a point where I feel unsupported by the Sarnia Police, and it has become clear to me that the issue runs deeper than a simple lack of funding or resources. It extends beyond the confines of City Hall, revealing a systemic problem that requires significant attention. While corruption may exist, I hope efforts are underway to weed it out. Over the past two years, I have worked tirelessly to rebuild my credibility, having endured and survived immense hardships. Now, I find myself at a juncture where I can once again raise my voice. In a recent conversation with an exceptional male officer (a reminder that my concerns are not against men as a whole), I realized that the issues I face are much larger than mine. This personal experience has fueled my drive to educate myself extensively on this topic, even in a community where awareness is lacking. It begs the question: where does the fault truly lie?

Acknowledging the Lack of Resources:

As I delve deeper into my journey, a stark realization has surfaced – the severe lack of resources available to women and other underrepresented individuals in our community. This revelation compels me to seek out a woman officer who can understand and address the multitude of issues I advocate for, both in my personal life and within the community. Within the Sarnia Police, I hope to now find solace in the presence of Deputy Chief Julie Craddock, whom I believe holds the necessary understanding and empathy. Additionally, I believe it is crucial to have appointed support staff dedicated to assisting myself and my twin boys, ensuring our needs are met and our voices are heard. I am hoping for a meeting in the near future. 

By voicing these concerns and demanding the attention and support we deserve, we can work toward a future where resources are readily available, where the system is responsive and just, and where the voices of the underrepresented are amplified. Through our collective efforts, we can bring about the change our community so desperately needs.

After an excessive realization of the lack of resources, for women, let alone any other underrepresented individual in our community. At this point in time I need to speak to a woman officer about a magnitude of things I advocate for, and in my personal life, I will only speak to deputy chief, Julie Craddock. As well as my own appointed support staff for myself and my twin boys.

It is of the utmost importance that Marilyn Gladu, as a woman, recognizes the critical need to advocate for the basic human rights of our community. We cannot afford to continue following the outdated patriarchal norms that hold us back. It is disheartening to witness our progress lagging ten years behind, while other communities surge forward. I implore Marilyn Gladu to step up, break free from these constraints, and become a powerful voice for change. Embrace the opportunity to redefine what it means to be a leader in our community and pave the way toward a more inclusive and equitable future. Let us unite in dismantling the barriers that hinder progress and ensure that no one is left behind.

At this time, preference of contact will only be accepted through the Sexual Assault Survivors Centre, where I have finally felt heard.

Resources need to be freed up and innovative radical change is necessary for our dated community of women, and other underrepresented individuals.

The significance of having Marilyn Gladu, the Member of Parliament for Sarnia Ontario, and Deputy Chief Julie Craddock as women in positions of power cannot be overstated. In a context where women face challenges and lack representation, their presence and advocacy become crucial. Marilyn Gladu, with her legislative role, has the power to influence change on a broader level, addressing systemic issues and promoting basic human rights in our community. Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Julie Craddock, as the only woman in a high position of authority within the police force, plays a vital role in recognizing and addressing the specific concerns and experiences faced by underrepresented individuals. Her understanding, empathy, and dedication can help foster a more inclusive and supportive environment within law enforcement. It is through the combined efforts of both Marilyn Gladu and Deputy Chief Julie Craddock that we can challenge patriarchal norms, dismantle barriers, and work towards a community where the voices and rights of all individuals are valued and protected.

Please sign and advocate for the petition linked HERE to help promote educated change and free up resources in our community when it comes to recognizing untraditional domestic partnerships in Canada, and to help victims feel safe.

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