What If: Embracing the Magic Within

What If: Embracing the Magic Within

In a world where mermaids were women cast overboard,

Their fate is dictated by old superstitions of yore.

Drowning beneath the waves, gasping for life's breath,

They forged their tails, defying the clutches of death.

And what if the dragons, once small lizards of flame,

Thrown into the inferno, their destiny is proclaimed.

Choking on smoke, swallowing flares with might,

They rose from the ashes, claiming their fiery right.

The vampires, drawn to the night's mystic allure,

Kept in the dark, their existence obscure.

Starved of love, companionship, and affection,

They turned to our blood, their darkened connection.

Amidst these tales of magic, let's not forget,

The witches who danced under the moonlight's set.

Bound by ancient knowledge, their spirits would soar,

Harnessing mystic energies, forever wanting more.

And fairies, oh, so delicate and small,

With wings that shimmer, enchanting one and all.

They weave dreams with their pixie dust so bright,

Guiding us through the darkness, granting us second sight.

In this realm of wonder, where dreams are embraced,

Let's explore the desires that men have chased.

A vision of strength, adventure, and might,

A quest for glory in battles they fight.

For men daydream about lands they can roam,

With valour and honour as their guiding tone.

They yearn for conquests, both seen and unseen,

To forge their legacy, and be the supreme.

These creatures of magic and myth we adore,

Are those who embraced the darkness, seeking something more?

Choosing to rise, survive, and breathe,

Harnessing adversity, hoping to thrive, they believe.

But what if, amidst waves that threatened to drown,

You too were thrown, destined to wear a frown?

What if the night befriended, flames scorched your path,

Leaving you to assume a life destined for wrath?

Yet, your story is not over, my friend, not just yet,

There are pages unturned, an unwritten duet.

Oceans unexplored, awaiting your swim,

Fiery chapters beckon, for you to breathe in.

Lines filled with words, radiant and bright,

They inspire you to write, with all your might.

So pick up your pen, let the ink flow,

Write through the night, till your story's aglow.

And when you read it back, you'll finally see,

Your story held magic, it was meant to be.

For in realms of enchantment, you've always resided,

Embracing your power, your destiny decided.


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